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A long time ago…

Okay! Long time, no see!

I was busy for a while and then I forgot about the blog.. But I’m back. But I will not blog evvery day. Maybe once every week for a start.

I know I’ve written alot about the Siesta!-festival, and I will write some more today, because the festival was last week!

There were some great artists:

Plain White T’s, The Kooks, Slagsmålsklubben, Wolfmother, bob hund, Håkan Hällström, Henrik Berggren, The Sounds, Hercules & Love Affair and many more…

The best live performence at the festival, and probably top ten I’ve ever seen was Hercules & Love Affair.They danced from the start and got the visitors to dance at that same moment. No breaks at all, it was one long non-stop dancing inferno! I loved it!!! Check them out!!

Slagsmålsklubben was as usual the funniest act. They had a big water bottle-war with the audience, and their live show will as usual be remembered.

The Kooks made the crowd wild. There was alot of people pushing and trying to dance. Alot of people fell (including me an my girlfriend), bur they were great. One of the bands I came for!

Plain White T’s made the crowd sing along. During Het There Delailah, I could barely hear Tom Higgenson.

There were also many nice activities there! In a library-tent, you could make your own pins, t-shirts(or other clothes) and borrow books(you could even take one home!
In another tent you could relax and play pingis and table football.

I don’t like the camping though.. It’s far away from the festival area and it’s to much nasty people that almost crushes the tents… At least I didn’t hear any stories of people who cut the tents open and steal everything this year!

My girlfriend got sick 2 of the 4 nights.. That wasn’t fun at all… We stayed up those nights, walking around the camping and the rest of Hässleholm.. I got really tired, and we stopped at some places to rest, but as soon as she relaxed, she started to shake as feel nauseuos… We went to a doctor to find out if it was anything to worry about. At one of he concerts everyone fell over her and she was completely covered of people for a long time, so we were a little worried that it could come from damages from that accident. He said that it probably wasn’t anything wrong, everything seemed to be normal! :D

Overall, I’m pleased wih the festival. But it wasn’t as good as I hoped it would be.. No camping next year, is the plan!


Slagsmålsklubben (SMK)

The Swedish sextet are producing music that reminds many of the old console games. When people tries to explain their genre, the say it’s “blip blop”, “bitpop“, “console game music”. And that’s a pretty good explanation! Console game music with a litte extra beat.

The main thing about the band and their music is easy to just dance to. Everyone can enjoy SMK.

They have a nice energy when playing live. They don’t have any guitars to carry around, so when a member are not fibling with the buttons, they jump around, dances with the audience, smashes TV’s. When you see SMK live, you have very fun.

The bandmembers also have many sideprojects, such as Maskinen, 50Hertz, Häxor och Porr and Offerprästers Orkester. Some of them are in a totally different genre, most of them Hip Hop. Maskinen is currently very much in the topic. They got a hit a couple of years ago, and now they pretty much have a full schedule!



Here, SMK are playing Kasta Sten(Throwing Rocks) Live at Malmöfestivalen. You can see everything I talk about; once in a while a member starts tou jump around like crazy, and the TV on their right side will get demolished.

SMK-Rakade ögonbryn ska det vara


This is a reall bad post, I know. But I wanted it done before school, and I haven’t had my breakfast yet!