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The Tough Alliance

Today, a quick view on The Tough Alliance. They are an Electropop duo from Gothenburg, Sweden, consisting of Henning F├╝rst and Eric Berglund. They have made 3 albums during their active years 2001-2009. The second album, Escaping Your Ambitions , stads out compared to the other two, A New Chance and The New School. There’s for example no singing. But you can hear their sound in the music, even though I wouldn’t have recognized it to be TTA just by listening.

Their music is perfect for when you walk or riding a bus, well, when you’re traveling! It doesn’t matter what the weather is outside, TTA fits to everything. At least for me. The only times I can’t listen to TTA, is when I can’t listen to music at all.

This is another band I missed seeing live. I’ve had my chances but didn’t take them. Well, you learn by your mistakes! I really hope that they can reunite and make a little tour or something some day!

Listen to at least one of these songs. They are very much worth it.