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The special voice of Brian Molko and the sweet, distinguishing music makes Placebo easy to like, if you’re in to alternative music. I found out about them around 2007, which appearently is the year I found most of the band I listen to today. It was my brother who played one of their albums, and I borrowed the CD very often when he didn’t listen to it.

They only had conserts far away, so I had to watch them on the TV or on the internet, and pretend to be there. In 2009 I didn’t need to pretend anymore. But sadly, I wasn’t really in the mood for a consert. But I saw them, and I’m happy for that, it’s a memory that can’t be wiped away easy, even though it would be nice with another consert when I’m in the mood.

And a little note is that Stefan Olsdal, the bassist in the band, is from Sweden.


Peter Doherty

Peter Daniell Doherty was born 1979 in Hexham, England. This man is one of those people that have affected my taste in music the most. I first got in touch with Doherty by listening to a song by his band The Libertines. This was around 2004-05, I belive, I’m can’t remember exactly, but it feels like a good guess! I learned all the lyrics, and walked around, singing their songs. I’ve forgotten most of the lyrics now though, I’m not very good in remembering stuff like that…
Shortly after, I started to listen to Peter’s second band, Babyshambles. The bands are similar in many ways, but the differences makes them two totally different bands. I prefer The Libertines, because that’s what I got in touch with first, simple as that. But Babyshambles are still one of the favourite bands, and Peter as solo-artist are also high on the list(not meant to be a pun!).

When talking about Peter, you often end up with the discution of his drug abuse. I wont go deep on this, I’ll just say: It’s a shame that he takes/took drugs, but it wont affect my view on his music. The Music was the thing I fell for, I didn’t know until pretty late that he took drugs..
Fact is, I was pretty late with most of the information about Pete. I didn’t know about him dating Kate Moss, I didn’t even know who Kate Moss was.


In December 2009, I would finally see Pete live. I bought a ticket very early and had the date booked in. I also had decided to meet someone there(who later became my girlfriend)! But of courseĀ  he had to cancel the show..
He booked a new date, but of course it was on a date I couldn’t go.. So, my bad luck again! But I’m sure I’ll get a new chance to see him, and if I’m lucky it will be with The Libertines, who have reunited!


Peter Doherty – Last of the English Roses