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It’s cold, but I can feel the spring running closer

If you’ve followed this blog, you already know that I’ve written alot about the SiESTA! festival, or more correctly, the bands and who have been performing there, or will be performing there. Every year I look around to see what festivals I want to go to, and every year it changes. But SiESTA is one of the festivals that always stay on the list.

They have great music, a nice camping(although there’s allways room for improvement), great food and merch and of course a very competitive price.

The artists I want to see this year are so far:

Håkan Hellström [SE]
Crookers [IT]
The Sounds [SE]
Daniel Adams-Ray [SE]
Slagsmålsklubben [SE]
Adam Tensta [SE]
Oskar Linnros [SE]
Den Svenska Björnstammen [SE]
Billie the Vision & the Dancers [SE]

You can read my posts about some of these if you want.


The Plan.

This is a post that I have planned (get it?) to make since I started the blog. But that wont help to make it better, I haven’t really come up with anything interesting to write. I’ve listened to this wonderful band in five, soon six, years. Int the fall of 2005 I heard one of their songs, and I was mesmerized.

All the caos, the off pitched notes, the squeeky voise, it was amazing! I couldn’t stop listening!

In 2007 they came to Sweden. And better yet, to a town just 20 minutes away. To a festival i already had a one-day-ticket for. And it just happened to be that I had a ticket for the day The Plan was playing! I was really hyped, me aand a friend took the train early so we would be sure that we didn’t miss it!(I was the only one of us that liked The Plan)

I thought it was to good to be true. A favourite band, live.

We walked the 15 minutes to the festival-area. My friend had forgot his ticket at home. We walked back to the station, and found an internet café, so we could print out his ticket from there, good.

We walked back to the festival. We walked the way behind the stage were The Plan played. They were playing their last song. I was very disapointed that I missed the show, but at least I heard one of their songs! And it was one of my favourites, Embrace my baeuty.

So, here you go: The Plan – Embrace me beauty

The Plan – Mon Amour

The Plan – Foggy Days