Finally I’ve come to Familjen(translates to The Family). Familjen is Johan T Karlsson‘s one man band, with Andreas Tilliander(another big Swedish electro-artist, but sadly not given as much attention as Familjen) as sidekick at the live shows. Familjen got a strong fanbase from the start, especially in his home town, Hässleholm. He released the big hit Det snurrar i min skalle in 2006, but it was named Ivanhoe & Rebecka until 2007 when he made a more live-friendly version of the song.

I lived in Kristianstad at the time, the neighbour city, so I was there from the beginning. It’s pretty cool to see this happen, a guy playing at the local concert-house and then spreading like a fire to become one of the big artists in Sweden. I wass there at one of his first shows, and I’ve followed him pretty close, going to his shows when playing in the neighbourhood.
In these four, soon five years, I’ve seen Familjen live at least 10 times, not being disappointed once! It might be the Scanian, but I think it is the beat that makes us all dance and the melody that’s so tempting to sing to!

In his newest album, he has a song called It began in Hässleholm, it’s insprired from the song It began in Africa by The Chemical Brothers.

If you’ve never heard of this man, go check him out! A Scanian man is hard to say no thanks to.

Familjen, Johan T Karlsson, with his companion Andreas Tilliander.

Familjen – Det snurrar i min skalle

Familjen – Det var jag

Familjen – Huvudet i sanden(Was my personal favourite since I heard it for the first time)


Carl Norén

Carl Norén, singer in Sugarplum Fairy and brother of Sugarplum Fairy’s Victor Norén and Mando Diao’s Gustaf Norén, are now making a name in a solo-career. He made his solo-debute last year with the single The Anger. It made it in to the Tracks-list in Sweden. A very nice song, I’ve been playing it alot the last few days. I didn’t start to listen as soon as I heard of him, but when I saw that he will be playing live in Lund in March, I had to give some attention to see if he’s worth a visit. He definatly is. It will be a 3 hour train trip, but that doesn’t matter, I have waited 12 hours sitting on a bench in the hot sun for one song by Johnossi, so this won’t be a problem!

The Norén brothers, Victor, Carl and Gustaf.

Sugarplum Fairy has been a favourite band for a long time, and I hope that Carl will continue as he’s begun, so he’s solo-career will be in the top with his band!

Listen to this, You won’t regret it!

Joakim Thåström(+”Ebba Grön”, “Imperiet” and “Peace, Love and Pitbulls”)

Joakim Thåström‘s music has always been played in the background through my whole life. He was the singer of the two bands Imperiet and Ebba Grön during the 80s. Both of the band were very successful in Sweden, most people know about the bands, escpecially Ebba Grön. In my younger years, my parents played Ebba Grön’s music every now and then, and I liked it. They also played some songs from Imperiet, but I can’t recall them ever playing anything from his solo-music. I discovered that music just a couple of years ago. I’ve almost always known his name and that he was the singer of Imperiet and Ebba Grön, but that was about all.

The lyrics are often critical about the society and religion. For example, Die Mauer is a critical song about the Berlin wall in Germany. I separated familys and friends.
The song Mamma pappa barn on the other hand, is about the relations in a family, especially between a man and his parents. They say “In the house where I live, noone knows eachother. In the house where I live, it’s quiet as in a grave”.

During the later years, people have said that he is very boring live. But I can say that he didn’t make me disappointed at all!! He is not the youngest man in the buisness, but he still got the spark! And one of the funniest things is that his voice almost haven’t changed a bit!

When I “researched” (I checked his birthyear and such, even though I didn’t used it) I found out about a band he had in the 90s. They were called Peace, Love and Pitbulls. Appearently, they played Industrial Rock, quite different from Thåström’s earlier and current work. This band did not get any big response in Sweden, but they made a name in France and some other European countries. Marilyn Manson have said that PLP had a part in inspiering his music. That something I didn’t know before!
Here are some music from Thåström’s career!

Thåström – Alla vill till himmelen

Thåström playing the Ebba Grön song Häng Gud(Hang God) in a church.

Imperiet – Du ska va’ president

Peter Doherty

Peter Daniell Doherty was born 1979 in Hexham, England. This man is one of those people that have affected my taste in music the most. I first got in touch with Doherty by listening to a song by his band The Libertines. This was around 2004-05, I belive, I’m can’t remember exactly, but it feels like a good guess! I learned all the lyrics, and walked around, singing their songs. I’ve forgotten most of the lyrics now though, I’m not very good in remembering stuff like that…
Shortly after, I started to listen to Peter’s second band, Babyshambles. The bands are similar in many ways, but the differences makes them two totally different bands. I prefer The Libertines, because that’s what I got in touch with first, simple as that. But Babyshambles are still one of the favourite bands, and Peter as solo-artist are also high on the list(not meant to be a pun!).

When talking about Peter, you often end up with the discution of his drug abuse. I wont go deep on this, I’ll just say: It’s a shame that he takes/took drugs, but it wont affect my view on his music. The Music was the thing I fell for, I didn’t know until pretty late that he took drugs..
Fact is, I was pretty late with most of the information about Pete. I didn’t know about him dating Kate Moss, I didn’t even know who Kate Moss was.


In December 2009, I would finally see Pete live. I bought a ticket very early and had the date booked in. I also had decided to meet someone there(who later became my girlfriend)! But of course  he had to cancel the show..
He booked a new date, but of course it was on a date I couldn’t go.. So, my bad luck again! But I’m sure I’ll get a new chance to see him, and if I’m lucky it will be with The Libertines, who have reunited!


Peter Doherty – Last of the English Roses

bob hnud

Another Swedish band, with Swedish(Scanian)lyrics. bob hund formed in 1991, containing Thomas Öberg, Johnny Essing, Conny Nimmersjö, Mats Hellquist, Jonas Jonasson and Mats Andersson. In 2009, Christian Gabel was announced as a member of the band, he replaces Mats Andersson, who have become more as a passive member rather than have left bob hund.

The name was founded by Mats Hellquist and Johnny after watching the childrens show bob the dog.

bob hund are still very popular after their big days in the mid/end 90s. The energy of these 40 year olds reminds more of a bunch of 20 years!

One of my favourite songs: Festen är över oss

Here’s a picture of the singer, Thomas, wearing his usual performing costume!

Thomas Öberg live with his band bob hund, arvi...

Image via Wikipedia

Slagsmålsklubben (SMK)

The Swedish sextet are producing music that reminds many of the old console games. When people tries to explain their genre, the say it’s “blip blop”, “bitpop“, “console game music”. And that’s a pretty good explanation! Console game music with a litte extra beat.

The main thing about the band and their music is easy to just dance to. Everyone can enjoy SMK.

They have a nice energy when playing live. They don’t have any guitars to carry around, so when a member are not fibling with the buttons, they jump around, dances with the audience, smashes TV’s. When you see SMK live, you have very fun.

The bandmembers also have many sideprojects, such as Maskinen, 50Hertz, Häxor och Porr and Offerprästers Orkester. Some of them are in a totally different genre, most of them Hip Hop. Maskinen is currently very much in the topic. They got a hit a couple of years ago, and now they pretty much have a full schedule!



Here, SMK are playing Kasta Sten(Throwing Rocks) Live at Malmöfestivalen. You can see everything I talk about; once in a while a member starts tou jump around like crazy, and the TV on their right side will get demolished.

SMK-Rakade ögonbryn ska det vara


This is a reall bad post, I know. But I wanted it done before school, and I haven’t had my breakfast yet!

Longing for spring and summer.

I will make a “real” post tonight, I just felt a big urge to write this now…

I woke up this morning , not feeling any different from other mornings. But then I started a playlist me and my girlfirend made in the late spring/summer last year. Something just started to happen, a feeling i my stomach… I get that feeling when I really long for something. Now it’s the summer and spring…

I don’t really know if it’s a good or bad feeling, but I don’t want it to stop. I want to think about the things that will happen in the summer. I know that makes me smile!

In this very moment, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – Into My Arms are playing. That song is so beautiful! Before that, it was RHCP – Under the Bridge.

Oh, this feeling.. It will be a great summer.

The Plan.

This is a post that I have planned (get it?) to make since I started the blog. But that wont help to make it better, I haven’t really come up with anything interesting to write. I’ve listened to this wonderful band in five, soon six, years. Int the fall of 2005 I heard one of their songs, and I was mesmerized.

All the caos, the off pitched notes, the squeeky voise, it was amazing! I couldn’t stop listening!

In 2007 they came to Sweden. And better yet, to a town just 20 minutes away. To a festival i already had a one-day-ticket for. And it just happened to be that I had a ticket for the day The Plan was playing! I was really hyped, me aand a friend took the train early so we would be sure that we didn’t miss it!(I was the only one of us that liked The Plan)

I thought it was to good to be true. A favourite band, live.

We walked the 15 minutes to the festival-area. My friend had forgot his ticket at home. We walked back to the station, and found an internet café, so we could print out his ticket from there, good.

We walked back to the festival. We walked the way behind the stage were The Plan played. They were playing their last song. I was very disapointed that I missed the show, but at least I heard one of their songs! And it was one of my favourites, Embrace my baeuty.

So, here you go: The Plan – Embrace me beauty

The Plan – Mon Amour

The Plan – Foggy Days


Okej, I will continue with another Swedish band!

Bruket are quite new, they made their debute 2010 actually!

I don’t know much about them and I’m very bad at genres(they write Alternativ / Punk / Rock” on their Myspace).
You really should listen to them. They sing in Swedish, but you doesn’t allways need too understand what they’re singing about.. You can translate the lyrics if you feel like it though.


The Sounds

First of all. I’m sorry that I haven’t uppdated the blog. I have been very busy with my studies lately.

Now to the topic of today: The Sounds

The singer, Maja, and her band are one of the most successful Swedish bands. They released their debute album in 2002, and the word about them spread fast, not only in Sweden but also in The US and other countries. For one band to grow so fast in popularity abroad are not very usual in Sweden.

They are definatly one of my favourite bands! And I will give an review of the band after their show on the Siesta! festival this spring.

Watch these videos if you haven’t heard about them or just want to here more of them!

One of their most popular songs, and their first hit!

This one has been among my top 3 of their song since I heard it for the first time!