Monthly Archives: December 2010

Whipped Cream Unibrow

Today I want to introduce a pretty unknown band. Whipped Cream Unibrow, or W.C.U., started out in the begining of 2008 and had their first demo made just a month or so later.

Members: Greve Totte von Hybris Oxelgren – Vocals & Guitar, Pat La Fountaine – Bassguitar, Nåns Morén – Drums, Babar von Tomat – Guitars, backing vocals, tambourine.

These are not their real names though. Babar von Tomat, is acctually Calle Kristiansson,  who became pretty famous in Sweden after he made it to an astonishing 2 place in the Swedish Idol 2009(here you can see his audition, do it, he’s really good).

The first time I heard these boys play, was on a one day festival in Kristianstad called Tivolirock. Me and my girlfriend were just walking around the area at the moment, and we heard som interesting sounds. We went there and we saw a strange band performing a great song. We were both stuck. If you listen to this song, and watch these pictures, you will understand what I mean. The lyrics is in Swedish in this song, but I hope that you don’t care so much. And they do have a couple of songs in English aswell.


Nick Cave

Nick Cave is a great man in music, therefore I’d like to start out with him. He will come back here though, because this is a man really worth it, and I have my Nick Cave-periods every once in a while.

I haven’t listen to his work for forever, I remember the first time I heard one of his songs. It was a music-video on a Swedish music/other-channel called ZTV, the year was 2005.

The song was Where the wild roses grow, where Nick and Kylie Minogue sang together. I remember the chills running through my spine.  I ran to the library the next day to see if they had the cd(Murder ballads), they had. I borrowed it and listened on it again and again as many times as I could, and when I had enough money, I bought it.